Diseño de jardines, patios y terrazas. El jardín es una extensión de tu casa


We meet  , we listen to your ideas  and we’ll design and execute your garden!

To create a quality design garden we know it is essential to take our client’s wishes and ideas as a starting point, so that we can create an optimal use for your garden, balcony or terrace.

We also like to know what kind of garden you’d like; colors, plant species… every detail counts for to make it all yours.


We provide solutions through design…

Many people make mistake to neglect the small spaces in their home. Maybe because it seems those are not worth the effort.

We are used to working with gardens with difficult shapes, complicated orientation or any other not ideal circumstances; here is where we work tirelessly to come up with the perfect solution.

The plants make us so much good!

Our experience tells us that a small corner of the house such as a terrace or balcony can provide you really great moments after a hard working day with just  some small interventions..

Surrounding ourselves with plants is enjoyable, peaceful, and rewarding, and believe me, they comply with very little.  The only things you will need are some good tips, and after that no more effort to pamper them. In the end, this might just become a cherished hobby for you.

Why Akabera Diseinuak?

The word “Akabera” makes reference to the finishing touch because these last retouches are those that give the work meaning and achieve that  customized design customized we aim for..

We know that even the smallest space (with a good design) can be the most cherised corner of your home.

The design not only includes a personal color scheme and style, it also takes the  distribution of spaces and the proper use and location of the plant elements into account.

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