huerto ecológico urbano, disfruta comiendo tus propias hortalizas!

Urban ecological garden

Do you want an urban ecological garden in your home and don´t know where to start from?

We prepare the urban ecological garden in your backyard or terrace.

We teach you how to treat it and you can simply enjoy taking care of it and gather the harvest.

The idea is that your ecofarm produces enough vegetables for you and your family. So you won´t  need additional space for storage (cans, frozen…).

You will consume 100% ecological products and you’ll get satisfaction of homegrown produce.



If you think that you don´t have enough space to grow a garden, you’d be surprised to know how much a cultivation table of 1.40 m can produce.

Or how easy it is to cultivate potted vertically organized so you don’t need too much space.

You also discover that after a hard working day it´s a pleasure to spend time in your own garden because it´s relaxing, helps to disconnect and to forget about your worries.

Leave the design to us and get the most out of that special corner of your home!